Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's almost ASHRAE time!

So, our ASHRAE Winter Meeting is being held in Las Vegas, NV this year.  Starting Saturday, my hometown of Las Vegas will begin to see the influx of ASHRAE participants.  I can say that many golf enthusiasts are thrilled with the venue - gotta love 64 deg. F!  Good luck to you golfers, and anyone up for a round of tennis should give me a shout (I'll stay out of the golfing this year).

On a more serious note, my humble opinion is that this is an amazing time to be part of the HVAC industry.  Whether you're a supporter of the "Green Building Movement" or not, we've seen advances in equipment in the last five years that have surpassed some of the advances our industry has accomplished over the last 20 years combined (no offense to digital controls, spiral duct and pressure independent systems).  I have to imagine that Dr. Carrier himself would be pretty excited.  Simple advances in compressor technology have me jumping around like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck.  ASHRAE is my chance every year to walk the show and nose around what all the manufacturers are up to.  By the end of the first day at the show, I've got ideas for systems and innovations swirling in my head.  At the end of the second day, I'm still enthralled, but my feet and lower back are really just screaming for some ibuprofen and very soft footwear.  Forget a third day... I've never made it to a third round at the show.  For those of you strong enough to endure, kudos to you.  They should give a medal for that.

So, if you stop by the show and stumble across a brunette chic in heals dismantling some poor manufacturer's display, you probably caught me in action.  Do me a favor and at least introduce yourself.  If I get lucky, I'll actually get the display back into its original condition.  I still owe the folks at Neptronics for accidentally destroying their display humidifier at the show many years ago (still haunts me to this day, but they were gracious). 

If nothing else, walk the show and learn something!    Safe travels to everyone.

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