Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kindred spirits and business the way I like it!

I have to say that this has been an amazing week of uniting with kindred spirits!  A home builder's superintendent working on my mother-in-law's house is just as much a stickler for detail as me, and welcomed the help on finding items for his punchlist (I swear I thought I was the last dinosaur that encouraged clients to tear me apart so I could learn from what they need and want).  I met up with a female client and friend from the construction industry last night to have a cold beer and celebrate her accomplishment in a raise and my accomplishment in a satisfied client training and support program (phase 1 finished this week).   I finally met face to face with one of the best electrical trouble-shooters I've ever met, and he is so passionate and happy doing what he loves that it just makes me smile when we work together.

There are good and bad days in business, and the home builder's superintendent had a very bad week due to a few bad decisions by sub-contractors who weren't paying close attention with their work and consequently, damaged materials.  The delay of a home-closing due to this type of damage is so frustrating for the home owner, but for the project manager/superintendent... this is the stuff of ulcers and insomnia.  When discussing the issues and possibilities of additional delays, this gentleman promised that if the closing didn't occur this time per schedule he would personally pay for my mother-in-law's move.  He's made good on every promise to date, and I am 100% certain that he will deliver on this promise if necessary.  I truly believe that when people such as this fellow do business the way he does business, it all comes back around for the overall good.  I hope his bosses agree, but I will always be a supporter of an individual who takes responsibility and does everything in their power to make things right.  There are still many people out there who do business with the philosophy that you should treat people the way you'd like to be treated.  I'm proud to know some of them and hope to continue meeting more along the way.

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